Molenwiek on the Road

Struggles, questions, experiences and stories of a simple cyclist

About me

Welcome om my webpage. My name is Marcel van der Molen, but some people know me as Abe or as Molenwiek. In the past this site used to be about photo’s of cycling. Under the name Molenwiek Fotografie I went to several cycling races and tried to make some nice photo’s of the cyclists.

Since I already am a cycling enthousiast for a lot off years (I wont tell my age ;-)) and had multiple bikes, I sold my older bike and my photography-stuff and buyed a new bike to make more adventures.

On this site I’d like to tell a little about me as a cyclist, the struggles I have with choosing gear, trying to find time to train, motivate myself, but most off all share stories about my adventures and thoughts on the bike.

Since the followers off my account on instagram are not all dutch-speaking I will try to create most of the content in english, but there are some dutch stories also.

Hope you enjoy my site and maybe we can learn from each other, so please make a comment if you have something to add.